Clean Room Cleaning Glossary

The Dussmann Service clean-room cleaning glossary contains more than 150 terms from the world of clean-room technology. These include entries such as GMP, mini-environment and zone concepts. In addition, there is information about the clean-room norms for the various industries.


The clean-room glossary was prepared by specialists with expert knowledge and ongoing experience in this field of expertise.

Continual update is carried out by Dussmann Service website editors.


:: air change rate

The air change rate expresses the frequency with which the volume of air in the room is exchanged in terms of hours or minutes.  :: more

:: microorganisms

Microorganisms or microbes are very small organisms which can only be seen under a microscope.  :: more

:: zone concept

A zoning concept is developed for each clean-room depending on the products produced and the corresponding work processess.  :: more